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Mrs.Chitra S

Mrs.Chitra S

Best Teacher

Mrs Chitra Subramanien is the finest young Carnatic vocalist born in Chennai. Chitra had her initiation to music by her parents at the age of 7. She learned Carnatic vocals from the gurus Mrs Lalitha, Mrs Bhuvaneshwari, Mrs Kokila, and Mrs Jayanthi. She is Blessed with a mellifluous voice. Her first stage performance was at the age of 16 at Raja Annamalai mandram. She has been performing music concerts since the year 2019. Chitra has given more than 50 concerts and stage performances. She had been running her own school Naadhalayam school of music for the past 3 years successfully. Apart from performing, she is also a great teacher and has trained several students. She establishes an instant rapport with her listeners and maintains the purity of the classical form.
She bagged various awards like Rani Meyyammai Aachi, Best music school award
Chitra’s patience level, dedication to teaching and love of music makes her an ideal and dynamic teacher and guru to many students. Her exploration will continue in the field of music to heal many young minds.

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