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Talent Hunt - Season 8

Offline & Online

Talent Hunt Season 8

Good morning one and all. 
Talent performances can be performed by anyone, anywhere. But performing in well-established Educational Institutions will make the company feel unique and developed. The fact that all the achievements made by Raaba Media took place only in well-established Educational  Institutions is a testament to the uniqueness of this institution. Another show of such a proud company is Talent Hunt Season 8.

Raaba Media has successfully hosted the Talent Hunt International level Event Season 1 to Season 7, which is currently, hosted by following the Great response, Raaba Media has launched TALENT HUNT ONLINE EVENT Season 8. We are pleased to announce that there are many more awards, privileges, opportunities, etc... We continue our journey with the hope that Raaba Media's policy that every talent should be respected, the purpose is to make a huge difference in society. Advance Congratulations on receiving various awards and opportunities to live with dignity and prosperity in the community.

How to Apply

1. Fill the online Registration Form and submit.
 Registration form link:

2. Send your solo Performance video or Google Drive link to whatsapp. 
     Whatsapp number: 91 - 9600112714

3. pay Entry Fee 2000 INR via Google pay or paytm or phonepe or bank transaction.

   Googlepay,paytm,phonepe number : 9600112714.

4. Send payment Transaction Details or screenshot to whatsapp number.
    Whatsapp number: 91-9600112714.

    You will be Receiving Payment confirmation message within 24 hours. 

5. Done

How to Send Video?

               All you have to do is to take part in this Talent Hunt International level Event Season 8, is you need to take a video that shows off your skills on your cell phone or camera and take a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes please upload Google Drive. Please send link to
WhatsApp 91-96 00 11 27 14 . 

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Instagram link : 

More Details Visit our website:

If any clarification Contact: Raaba Media: 9600112714.

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