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Raaba Media has launched on the fifth day of July 2017. A Non-Profit Organization started with the sole purpose of identifying Individual talent to the world. Over the past three years it has conducted world record shows in various schools and recognized the talents of more than 150 thousands of students to the world. Has conducted hundreds of auditions and showcased the talents of various artists. Raaba Media continues its journey with selfless public service.

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Raaba Media is Affiliated with the International Peace and People's Welfare Trust {registered no 1048 / 2009}. Registered Member of Film And Television Producers Guild of South India. ISO 9001:2015 certificated institution. Registered Enterprises in the CENTRAL Ministry , GOVT .of India. Incorporated in Government of India (CIN) U80903TN2022PTC157848.

Prasanna Ramanujam



     “You might not always be born into riches. You may not always be spoon fed success and fame. But you can always believe in yourself and make it big in your life.”  Mr. prasanna Ramanujam  is one such person who has made his life big on his own.     

        Mr. prasanna , the Founder of Raaba Media began his career as a teacher. He did not let his circumstances dictate his destiny. He gained many high profile positions in the society.

Presently, he is the union member of Tamilnadu Press Union  He is also the union member of  Film and Television  producers  Guild of South India  and the chairman of “International peace and people welfare trust”. ( non profit organization ).       READ MORE  >>>>

The Raaba Media, which have unselfishly worked for many years in community service with the common good and achieved great achievements, are unique among others.

The reason why Raaba Media Awards are globally respected is not only to identify and encourage talented people, but also as a guide to life and the best Platform through which their talents can be known to the world.

 No matter how many awards are given by different organizations, they often stop with the awards. But it tirelessly explores deserving individuals, recognizes their merits, presents awards and makes their talents known to the world, selflessly strives for the common good and identifies them to society. No organization that can award such a service does so. Raaba Media has spent a great deal of money and effort and Hard work to create a

raaba media's achiever's pack

better media structure Platform and is a beacon in the lives of countless people.

The Raba Media Awards are presented with original silver medals, offering a variety of assistance programs to the best achievers, and providing opportunities to achieve on the International stage.

Raaba Media Events

Raaba Media aims to identify individual talents to the world, to stand out and provide opportunities for their talents. It has hosted over 100 Auditions shows since 2017 and has given more than 3,000 people opportunities and future careers in the arts.

From December 23 to 31, 2018, with 1800 students and artists at the Don Bosco Matriculation School in Chennai, 188 hours of non-stop Dancing day and night became an unbeatable feat that could amaze the world.

The World Record Show was held on 23rd and 24th February 2019 at Velankanni Public School, Chennai with 1200 students and artists for 35 hours day and night continuously showcasing all kinds of talents.

From 10th May to 12 May 2019 at Muthu kumara Swamy CBSE School, Chennai, with 1400 students and artists, 51 hours a day, day and night, continuously glorified the traditional art around Silambam and performed an unparalleled feat that could amaze the world.

From 23rd to 27th August 2019 at Kirish International School, Chennai, with 5700 students and artists, Bharathanatyam and performed various arts on 11 stages continuously for 44 hours day and night.

From 1st to 2nd December 2019 at Avinashi St. Thomas Manila School, Coimbatore, with more than 1500 students and artists, Silambam and various arts were performed on 7 stages continuously for 23 hours day and night and amazed the world.

Raaba Book of World Records Event
Raaba Book of World Records Event
Raaba Book of World Records Event
Raaba Book of World Records Event
Raaba Book of World Records Event
Prasanna Ramanujam

Over the past three years, Raaba Book Of World Records has proven by its services that it is one of the best in the world in providing the best service in exploring, discovering and identifying talented people to the world, regardless of the number of world record books and service companies.

​Other world Records books and World Records companies that record achievements and recognize and complete their duty. But Raaba Book Of World Records not only enhance the talented but also guide them to further develop their talent and create the next opportunity to rise in life. Those of us who have been identified as World Records Achievement Holders, reach people through the internet, social media, satellite media, Online media ,OTT Platform but also have the

Raaba book of world Records Logo

opportunity to be recognized and popular by the public for their talent. These enhance their lives and their talents.

The Records of the most talented world achievers  will be Recorded and published in the Raaba book of  World Records e-book on our website once in three months and the book will be emailed to our subscribers worldwide. You can get the Raaba World Records Book for free by e-mail.

Approximately 45,000 copies reach people directly and more than 300,000 copies in the form of Promotions.

Ric Academy Logo

Raaba International Cultural Academy is a unique platform for supplemental education for school children, Collage Students, Talent Personalities and  Teachers. Our network of high quality teachers not only provides best in class academic tuitions and Non Academic Activity, but also specialized courses to hone 21st Century skills for school children across 6 key areas – Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Creative Thinking ( We are Guinness Record Holder In Creative Thinking ) , Collaboration and Creative Arts.

At Raaba International Cultural Academy, we are passionate about education, learning and kids. We are committed to providing international quality standards using age appropriate teaching methodologies and globally accepted education technology.

If you are a student or a parent, schedule an appointment with our counselor to understand how the advantage can help you or your child.If you are an experienced teacher, passionate about children and believe that you

can make a difference in learning outcomes, talk to us to see how you can expand your horizons by associating with Raaba International Cultural Academy.

Raaba International Cultural Academy is accredited as a subsidiary of the American Institute of Culture and Management registered in the United States of America and is accredited by the International Peace and People Welfare Trust of India.

Raaba Gana Sabha

Raaba Gana Sabha is a modern, air-conditioned theatre with a seating capacity of 150 people located in the office campus of Raaba Media. It includes all the facilities required for an artistic stage. The theatre is equipped with all the necessary lighting for a stage show.

Not only that, the Raaba Gana Sabha includes two waiting lobbies with a seating capacity of 500 people. It is located in Raba Media office campus. Parking facility also available. 

Raaba Gana Sabha
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