RAABA Media is a non profit organization . Under unit of peace and people welfare trust { registered no 1048 / 2009 } and Film Production House, a registered member of Film And Television Producers Guild of South India. The history of the entity dates back to more than 25 years of hard work and determination.

Aims and Objectives of Raaba Media

Showcases your talents to the world.

Provides and creates efficient  opportunities

Makes you popular irrespective of your ages

Offers different platforms and makes your dream come true

Provides opportunities through the affiliate organizations too.

“How will your dream be fulfilled?”

“How does Raaba Media  fulfill your dream?”

“Why do you need our service?”

“How do our activities boost you?”

these type of questions ???

answers in our side .....

‘’Raaba Media is the best place to reveal your talents to the world’’

‘’Media handles various methods to uncover your skills’’

‘’It acts as a group to popularize yourself and succeed in your life’’

‘’Your dream may be an actor, a singer, a dancer, a director , a editor or something else. It is a sanctuary of your dreams,

Analyses your talents......  help in all your endeavors........ Guides you to make your dreams come true’’

‘’Media compensates perfectly to the best service that explains what you need to do from what you have and how to create your own identity ’’



     “You might not always be born into riches. You may not always be spoon fed success and fame. But you can always believe in yourself and make it big in your life.”  Mr. prasanna Ramanujam  is one such person who has made his life big on his own.     

        Mr. prasanna , the Founder of Raaba Media began his career as a teacher. He did not let his circumstances dictate his destiny. He gained many high profile positions in the society.

        Presently, he is the union member of Tamilnadu Press Union  He is also the union member of  Film and Television  producers  Guild of South India  and the chairman of “International peace and people welfare trust”.

( non profit organization ).

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