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About our Founder

Prasanna Ramanujam

R. Prasanna Ramanujam 

                      Prasanna Ramanujam was born on 5th January, 1977 as the son of great prodigy Dr. Ramanujam, who is well known in both Spiritual Life and Education. He started his Social Work activities by joining the student movements at a young age. He served as the President of the Student Council in the college and as the President of the Social Welfare Program. He participated in protests, discussions, parades and speeches at various stages to eradicate superstitious practices, to protect women's rights, to eradicate social inequalities and to create a state of education for all.

He is a post graduate and started his life as a teacher. Later dedicated himself in social work activities. To fulfil his lifelong dream of recognising and honouring the talented Social Workers, exceptional Artists and Students, he established the World Peace and People's Wellbeing Foundation in 2009 and started his service and philanthropy in association with various movements. Realizing that he needed a separate drive to fulfil his mission, he launched RAABA Media on 5th July, 2017 to cater to the search for the amazing talents. He recognized the talents of many people and brought them to the limelight thus realising their dreams to reality.

Many Talent Search Programs were conducted in several educational institutes in the hunt of identifying the really skilled people of all age. All these events turned out to be the great World Record Programs which made RAABA Media, a renowned firm at the National level. Not only that, RAABA Media also got the high reputation of being India's prominent company that has achieved many global achievements in a short span of time. RAABA Media is one of the most promising firms, not only present the awards to the skilled people, it works tirelessly to accomplish the goals of those aspirants to realise their dreams. Thus, making RAABA Media to stand greatest among other such organisations which involved seamless work, huge expenditure and severe trials and challenges.

RAABA Media's RAABA Book of World Records is published Four Month Once soft and Hard Copy, keeping up to date with the world of science and recording the achievements of achievers from around the world. About 45,000 copies reach people directly and more than 3,00,000 copies in the form of advertisements.

Raaba International Cultural Academy is an affiliate of the American Institute of Culture and Management. It formalizes non-formal education and serves as a guide for students and teachers worldwide. It conducts world-class examinations and provides global recognition to the deserved students and guidance for International employment.

The Talent Hunt programs conducted by Raaba Media in the year 2020, in which more than 15,000 artists and students from many countries participated, achieved great success and eternal fame and emerged as a global company.

Another pride is that it has hosted more than 100 art programs and provided more than 2,000 artists and technical experts in arts.

Raaba Media's history conveys to the world the mantra that


                                                                                                “SELFLESS SERVICE BREAKS BARRIERS AND CONQUERS THE WORLD.”




Honourable Posts:

  • Director, Raaba Media, India

  • Chairman, RIC Academy, India

  • Editor, Raaba Book of World Records

  • Asia President and Member of Selection Committee, American Institute of Culture and Management, USA

  • Representative of India, International women’s Society, USA

  • President, PICA INDIA

  • Production Committee Member, Film and Television Producers Association

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