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Harshida P Kumar

Harshida P Kumar

Best Citizen Of India

Miss.Harshida P Kumar,Founder of Harsh Twinkle Stars rose for her working sector to build her own fame among entrepreneurs out of her special interest in singing and dancing from childhood into the adulthood.She worked as a HR coordinator in Cognizant Technology Solutions for a year.

Eventhough Miss. Harshida P Kumar graduated in Computer Science and Engineering,she bravely deviated the odds and started her renowned institute of music and yoga,Harsh Twinkle Stars in the year 2020 with the sole intention of keeping the cultural heritage of India alive and spread its wings with pride and discover the talent among the common.

Not restricting its boundaries,Harsh Twinkle Stars has uploaded various events and special programs to kids in corona pandemic.She decided to encourage the kids about their talents and organised events in live also.Various singing competitions are held for her not only in India but also in foreign lands like USA,Canada,Singapore, Malaysia and also in the neighbouring union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Miss Harshida P Kumar has been honoured with various titles like Sangeetha Yuva Mani,Isai Kavin Mani, Navarasa Sangeetha Ilavarasi.

Her achievements had driven her to do more and so she has done till date.

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