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Dr.Sai Priya

Dr.Sai Priya

Best Citizen Of India

Dr. Saipriya is a lady with multi potential. She has earned her Doctorate from Bharathiar University, under the Dept of Environmental Sciences, under the fellowship of Dept. of Science & Technology DST PURSE Phase (II), Tamil Nadu. Proud owner of Chaitanya School of Learning, Coimbatore.

Being a talented Carnatic singer herself, she has an exceptional love for visual and performing arts. She plays violin also pretty well.

Dr. Saipriya holds the credit of presenting four of her research papers at the ISC (International Science Congress - 2017, 2019), in the presence of our respected Prime Minister Sir. More than 10 of her research papers have been published in many reputed journals in India and abroad.

Being titled Kalathilakam and being selected as the best student, in her higher secondary, lucky enough to meet the great APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Saipriya is indeed a multitalented lady.

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