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Talents Marathon

Terms Of  Service

1. Participants in this world record must send a video showing their talent before the show and get  Pre - Approval.


2. No Age Limit

3. Performance time Limit: Minimum 3 minutes Maximum 8 Minutes

4. There is no separate division in the “ Talents Marathon “ world  records Event.


5. This World Records will be Conducted held at online only. 

6. All participants in the world record will be awarded a Original certificate, medal  and shield for their Participation in the Raaba Book of World Records.


7. The decision of the panel of the judges/judge/Adjudicator will be considered as the final result of the world Records. Those who oppose or obstruct the judgement will be disqualified from the World Records.


8. I accept/agree the terms and conditions govern uploading of digital and digitized videos and Photos of talent show to the YouTube and other websites.


9. Fees are charged from the Participants, only for the purpose of the maintenance towards the World Records.


10. No charge will be refundable by any reason


11. Special awards will be given to teachers who participated in the World Records  Event with Students.


12. I agree full heartedly the result of the World Records and I assure that for no reason the name of the Raaba Book Of World Records will be spoiled.


13. If any of my actions affects the Raaba Book of World Records, I give assurance that I accept the Legal action taken against me by the Raaba Book of World Records.


14. I agree term and conditions.

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