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Rohit Balaji

- Master Of Talents -

Rohit Balaji is a 3 years old Extraordinary talented genius kid studying Nursery from Chennai KK Nagar. He created 6 National and international Records. And He got many awards from various organization's and he have more than 40 winner certificates from national and global competitions like rhymes, slokas, story telling, Arts and Crafts, fancy dress.He is role model of many kids.

Rohit Balaji's Records title and awards : 1.Maximum identification Puzzles solved by a small child (2019) 2. Maximum jigsaw puzzles solved by a child (2020) 3.Grand Master (2020) 4.Youngest Puzzle Prodigy (2020) 5.Best performer Award from Raaba media (2020) 6.Genius Kid (2021) 7.Fastest time to arrange a chess set by a child (2021) 8.Young star from Raaba media (2021) 9.He got prestigious Master of Talents award from Rabba media (2021) 10.Exectis Achievement Awards(2021) 11.Smart super star Award 12.Super Talented kid Award 13.Multi talented Award 14.Magnificent talent award 15.Unique talent award 16.Overall achiever Award 17.Star performer award 18. He got All Rounder Award from his School.


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