Dr . Rekha

- Maruththuva Mamani -

Dr. Rekha is the Founder and Chief Physician of Deepam Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre. - She is renowned for her Ayurveda Infertility Treatments. - She is the Jeevaka award winner for her academic excellence by the Himalaya pharmaceuticals. - She is active in Social media discussing about Ayurveda, Lifestyle and Women's health. - She has contributed many articles to magazines and websites. She is giving online lectures for Ayurveda Nutrition Courses based in UK. - She is the recipient of Top 20 Alternative Therapy Providers Award for her initiative and work by Silicon India Magazine and Best Ayurveda Healthcare Provider Award from Chennai Heritage Awards. - She is also planning to publish a Book on Ayurveda and Women’s Health - She is interested in Gardening and maintains a small garden at her home. - She gives authentic and tested medicines for COVID-19 patients which give good results in turn. - She is the proud winner of “Maruththuva Mamani” for her amazing service in the field of Alternative Medicine.



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