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Shuwehtha Premkumar

Shuwehtha Premkumar

Lok Kala Ratna

Shuwehtha Premkumar hails from a family of musicians where she mastered the veena under her mother and guru, Acharya Ratna Guru Vidushi Jayalakshmi Premkumar. At the age of 12 years, Ms. Shuwehtha has completed her veena arangetram (veena graduation) in Seremban and she was the youngest person in the country to have performed the arangetram. Her mother was the key person for her to be a successful vainika as what she is today. She then furthered her training in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai, India.

In the year 2012, she has been awarded the “YOUTH EXCELLENCE AWARD” honoured by Sivan Fine Arts Chennai, India based on her talent and skill in strumming the veena. Being a young child prodigy she has explored herself in many stage performances locally and internationally. In the year 2013, she has participated in Global Council of Performing Arts &Culture organized by ABSS from Pune, India in Singapore and has won a Gold Medal in solo category. She was the FIRST veena artist to receive the gold medal from ABSS, Pune India. Judging from her excellent performance in plucking the veena, she has been conferred the title “VEENADHARI” by Veena Chakravarthi Vidwan Shri D.Srinivas a prominent veena legend artist from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Through the prominent legend, Shri D.Srinivash as secured many stage performances for Ms. Shuwehtha in Andhra Pradesh Shuwehtha has performed the veena extensively all over Malaysia, India, Singapore and Australia. She has created a reputation for herself in the dance accompaniment arena on veena for most of the dance institutions in Malaysia. In the year 2015, she has released an album title Sai Samarpan, an instrumental Sai Bhajan on the veena along with her mother on the Gadamand her brother Mr. Rushendra Premkumar on the Keyboard. She also have her own YouTube channel under “Strings of Sahaana” whereby she has created few albums & editions on veena.

Her YOUTUBE channel name is veenadhari shuwetha. Having been performing in numerous stage performances, in the year 2016, shehasbeen awarded ASTRO VAANAVIL VIRUTHU honoured by Sivan Fine Arts Chennai in association with ASTRO Vaanavil Malaysia. This award been honoured by the Director of ASTRO Mr.Rajamani who has been a great encouragement for Ms. Shuwehtha. In the year 2017, based on her accomplishment and service in the field of instrument veena, she has been conferred the title “YAAZHISAI NAAYAGI” honoured by World Tamil Epics Research Association of Malaysia in an occasion of Sakthi, a Bharatanatyam & Carnatic musical offering.

This was a great achievement for Ms. Shuwehtha to get this award a sit resembles to be The Queen and Heroine in veena. She has also performed for Living Arts Cultural Festival (LACF) organized by Department of Arts & Culture Malaysia. Hence, she is also a committee member of the Department of Arts & Culture Malaysia and also has involved in many album recordings for local movies and media advertisements. Apparently she has done for PETRONAS, PEPSI and RT MMINNAL

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