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Shai Akritha Pandian

Shai Akritha Pandian

Talent Icon Of 2021

Shai Akritha Pandian D/O. Jeyavel Pandian & Raj Barani Pandian, a 2 years old amazing personality and enthusiastic child, known for her acute and astute observation. She won a preeminent place in Raaba Book of World Records for her enormous and Massive Memory Power which she proved by Identifying the names of 50 countries’ Flags, Naming all the Chess pieces and Assembling Indian States and Union Territory puzzles with names in least time and also break an one of the existing Record in Raaba Book of World Record by doing it in the youngest age.

She is recognize as One in Million Child and Raaba Book of World Records prouds to honor her with the award of “Asian youngest Memory Champion”. Her intelligence crystal shines in 9 points : Kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, musical, spatial(visual), intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, existential. She takes the role of Social activist and creates the awareness to the neighbors about the importance of PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic time. It looks so funny though it shows the absorption capability of her.

Shai Akritha Pandian also the Title Winner of Young Star, Young Geomanist, Arivu Chudar. She can trace map a way to a location and plot the landmarks on the way at the youngest age makes her too special. Her Parents found her as a shrewd and Keen observer as she started to tell the names of Colors including the shades, identify Names and Face, all 2D and 3D shapes , Identify Tamil and English alphabets, Numerical figures before she turns the age 1. She is very much interested in assembling Puzzles of animals, birds, insects and Flower before Time up. She always curious to know the antonyms of word/things/object and also eager to know the words in different languages for a single object. She likes to syllable the words she hears. Her inquisitiveness grown her up to the level of describing the each planet in Solar System. She is able to identify and tell the names of more than 50 countries in World Map. She runs with her busy schedule like going to Dance Class, Martial Arts even before she turns the age 2 .

Her parents says, “She is very smart and energetic baby. Now she is also practicing Yoga which is must for a healthy life style. Every baby is smart in their own way and it’s just up to us to identify and nurture based on where their intelligences lie”.

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